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Monthly Archives: January 2015

Embracing Andrew & Denise

      Andrew & Denise are one of the cutest couples I’ve ever shot ! Their friends are very cheerful as well. (Obviously ! ) lol   The place they held their ROM was very unique. It’s wedding themed cafe, which is rare in Singapore. When I first entered into the cafe, I was…

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Do you wanna create your own ring ?

  Are you interested in creating your own ring ALL by yourself ? You might not have ever imagined it is even possible, haven’t you ? lol Honestly, me, neither !  haha   However, to my surprise, it IS possible !!! No matter how clumsy you are, you can actually make a ring ! Still…

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Embracing Misa & Taiki in Kochi

    Back in 2012, a day before I flew to Singapore to be a wedding photographer, Misa had said to me that her dream is to book me as her wedding photographer in three years. (She hadn’t even had a boyfriend at that time !! ) To my surprise, she really made it !!…

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Embracing Harry, Shanni and Quint

This is a lovely family I met in Singapore last year. While traveling Europe, I’ve decided to visit them And, they took me to the Christmas Market in Düsseldorf and we had amazing time there together     Photographed by Maiko

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