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Embracing Miri’s first New Year Visit to a Shrine !

Hello everyone;)

I’ve just spent my new year period in Japan !

It was so exciting as I haven’t gone back to Japan in this period for three years !!

In Japan, people usually visit a shrine in early January to greet Gods and make New Year wishes;)

I went out with my best friend Yuko and her husband Wenyang and their lovely daughter Miri to follow this Japanese New Year Custom.

Here are some images to show you how it looks like;)

It was Miri’s first time to visit a shrine during New Year Period. She looked so excited,too !

First of all, you need to greet Gods and make wishes. But Miri looked uncomfortable in front of Gods. lol

This year is Sheep year !

So, there are bunch of sheep-related products in the shrine.

People buy those things for good fortune.

There are also general products for good fortune,too.

This is Omikuji, what you call “Paper Fortune ”;)

Time to get her first ever Omikuji !!!

Got it !!!!!!

The result was “Small luck”. But it sounded so funny, cos it usually aims for adults.

However, it somehow made sense to Miri,too. lol

This is a place for hanging Ema, which is made of woods and where people write their wishes.

Time to hang their Ema !!

Usually, you can see some kind of drawings on the surface of Ema.

Before leaving the shrine, Miri met an adorable friend.

Oh, and her first kiss was stolen by her new friend !!

2015 is surely going to be an amazing year for herĀ ;)


Photographed by Maiko



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