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Embracing Misa & Taiki in Kochi



Back in 2012, a day before I flew to Singapore to be a wedding photographer,

Misa had said to me that her dream is to book me as her wedding photographer in three years.

(She hadn’t even had a boyfriend at that time !! )

To my surprise, she really made it !! In two years !!! How life is amazing ?!

So, I went back to Japan to fulfill out promise;)

When I was going through those images,

I really wish her mother who had passed away recently could see those happiest smiles of her with her loved one.

However, I know her lovely mother was probably sticked around us whole day during the shoot, and looking over us all time.

She even brought us beautiful sunset, which was heavenly serene.

I have preserve all the beautiful moments with my heart and soul in order to deliver it to her mother as well;)



Photographed by Maiko




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