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Do you wanna create your own ring ?


Are you interested in creating your own ring ALL by yourself ?

You might not have ever imagined it is even possible, haven’t you ? lol

Honestly, me, neither !  haha


However, to my surprise, it IS possible !!!

No matter how clumsy you are, you can actually make a ring !

Still cannot trust what I’m saying ?


All right, peeps:)  Im gonna introduce Mr. Iida, who is a ring planner.

This is his studio.

These are the materials you gonna use !

There are variety sizes… which one is the most suitable for you ??

Pictures of the process …… It’s not that difficult actually;)

Those are some designs created by his clients, means ordinary guys like you !

This is the wax you gonna engrave.

You can write a message inside like this;)

This is Mr Iida’s personal ring. He asked his family and friends to scratch the surface of the ring.

On the inward side, there are initials of the person who had scratched.

Believe or not, they all made it !!

Well, you must be feeling like giving it a try by now ?

Then, email to info@rinpla.jp

Check it out the website,too ! www.rinpla.jp


Photographed by Maiko



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