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Embracing Debbie & Bernie

Debbie & Bernie is one of the sweetest couples I’ve ever had.

They prepared drinks and snacks for me and it was like a picnic in the Botanic garden:)

Actually, the groom flew from overseas just for this photo shoot !!

Although it was a very hot sunny day, we had a lot of fun together:D

Im now very looking forward to capturing their big day next month ! XD

Photographed by Maiko

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Embracing Naoko










Naoko & I have been close friends for five years now.

She is like my younger sister to me.

Actually, she was the first person whom I had shot when I bought my first DSLR in 2010.

Recently, she came to Singapore to work.

So, we did a casual shoot together:)


It was very touching for me to see her grown as a lovely woman now…

After the shoot, she sent me some images I had shot in 2010,

and told me that she could see the difference now.


Now I realised shooting the same person once in a while is a good way to see

my growth as a photographer;)




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Embracing Cheryl & Paul


The wedding of Cheryl & Paul was very interesting. The brother of Cheryl is currently on exchange in Canada.

So, he was attending the wedding through Face Time ! He dressed nicely from the early morning and impressed his sitster Cheryl.

Through the day, he was there in front of the computer or iPad,

which was always held by his other sisters ( or sometime placed on the table. lol)

As a photographer, I wanted to capture his presence as much as possible,

so both his family and himself could feel he was really part of the wedding when they look back the memories later:)




















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The launch of Embrace Photo Stories !

Today, I’m absolutely grateful to announce the launch of Embrace Photo Stories.

Can’t express my excitements enough to have my own brand !


It’s been a year since I came to Singapore.

Since then, I’ve learnt photography under the mentorship of Kelvin who is the founder of Lightedpixels.

At the very first day, he said to me ” Don’t try to be some else, just stay who you are.”

This word has become my compass to go through the journey to be a photographer.


Looking back my experience here, it has been absolutely amazing !

At first, I was just an assistant who was carrying Kelvin’s camera bag and eating luxury buffet at the wedding. lol.

And gradually started shooting as a second photographer and now I’m shooting by myself.

That said, my biggest appreciation goes to Kelvin for raising me up till today !

Can’t thank you enough even if I could keep screaming my appreciation for the rest of my life.


Next, I must appreciate Alwin, who is another photographer of Lightedpixels.

Every time I had faced difficulties, he gave me precious advices.

One of the most impressive words he’d given me was ” Embrace. ”

Since then, ” Embrace” became my most favorite word and wanted to use this word for the brand name

as I believe it’s the key for my photography. Thanks Alwin for all your warm supports.


And, let me thank Ting who is my great friend and colleague

from Lightedpixels pixies for changing my life forever.

If I hadn’t met you two years ago, I wouldn’t be here now.

( That said, I also have to appreciate my best friends, Yuko & Wenyang for booking Ting for their wedding ! )


Also, thank Kai & Sam from Lightedpixels pixies for helping me a lot both technically and mentally.

I’m so fortunate to have such a great Senpai !!

I appreciate your tremendous kindness !


Wait, I cannot skip Emily who is another assistant of Kelvin !

We’ve been through so many tough situations together.

If I hadn’t had you, I would be dead by now.

Seriously, thanks you soooo much for always being there and helping me !


Also I thank Kelvin’s beautiful wife, Beth for being a super woman to support us !

I’ve been working with you for a year, but still can’t find a single fault from you !

Seriously, you are one of the most amazing woman I’ve ever met.


And I must thank Chie, a gorgeous make up artist from Lightedpixels Hair & Make-up studio,

for having been taking care of me since I came here.

I was incredibly lucky to have another Japanese colleague !


I’m not forgetting you Shiwei, an amazing videographer from Lightedpixels !

I’ve never ever met a person as hardworking as you !!

Thanks for showing me the possibility of human beings !! lol


In addition, I want to say thank all my photographer fellows too for giving me such great inspirations !

Owe to your presence, I can keep going and motivated.

So, really appreciate that I have so many peers to share the joy and beauty of photography !


Lastly, massive massive thank you to all my friends and family, who have been so supportive !!

Thanks for being there. Without your presence, I’m nothing.


My new journey has just begun here with Embrace Photo Stories.

I will keep updating the blog and Facebook so that I could share more beautiful things through Embrace Photo Stories.

Hopefully, you would enjoy them as much as I do !


Lots of love,


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